February 05, 2020

Eee o OLoko Wiwo! Leaked nude video of senato rSenator Uba Sani causes stir on Twitter

A nude video of a supposed Nigerian Senator cleaning up after having his bath in a hotel room emerged on social media on Wednesday and has sparked mixed reactions. The three seconds video was shared on Twitter and has since gone viral, with over 60,000 views and 1,000 likes on the handle where it was shared.
The Twitter handle which shared the video claimed the man in the video is Senator Uba Sani, the lawmaker who currently represents Kaduna Central at the Senate.
@iTequeMedia wrote:
“Lady shares video of n.a.k.e.d & n.a.s.t.y Nigerian Senator, representing Kaduna Central District.”
In the viral footage, the Senator could be seen walking out of the bathroom naked with a small towel which he was using to dry the water on his body.
The reason why the yet-to-be-identified lady filmed and shared the video remains unknown but the video has generated a series of mixed reactions from social media users. While some are condemning the lady who filmed the Senator, others are accusing members of Arewa Twitter of a double standard for not speaking against the ‘adulterous act’ of the lawmaker the way they condemn young Hausa ladies on the microblogging site for indecency.
As at the time of filing this report, the video is yet to be deleted.
@HenryShield wrote:
So, after having sex with him, you decided to record him cleaning up? Why aren’t you in the video or did the man fuck himself? You silly kids should henceforth refrain from tagging me to your stupidity.
@ab_chalz wrote:
The person that recorded this should be arrested, prosecuted and locked up in jail. Women should not be allowed to get away with such nasty behaviour. LOCK HER UP and charge her to court for damages. This is very unacceptable and should be taken seriously.
See reactions: 

The lady just put her head up on a bounty. I hope when she gets whacked nobody will start shouting
Why she posted it is beyond me,some people are just so daft,she’s fucking an obviously married man and has the nerve to post his nude,is that not stupidity?

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Honestly, whoever shared this naked video of Senator Uba Sani is very toxic and wicked. This is totally unacceptable. He's responsible for his private life. l pity him & his family right now. In as much as Nigerian politicians don't deserve pity, I totally condemn this...

Imagine if it was a ladies video that was shared like this, Twitter forks well hijack it, call the man all sort of names.
Secondly, didn't you collect money for it? Why then spoil the mans image after collecting money.. Mtchewww
Originally Oloshi
You're very right. You'll even see those Gbazaqueen* Men threatening to sue and lock you up.

Is it not a crime again to post someone's nude on Twitter without consent?
I feel like tagging the hypocrites.

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This is so wrong. Its unfair when someone let's their guards down and someone exploits it. This is not nice at all.
A very mean spirited move.
This is just wicked.
This isn’t even “letting the guard down” is he supposed to wear suit to bath in a bid to cover his nakedness after having sex with someone whom they were both naked?


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As much as I find this video in bad taste, i also wonder why this man is so comfortable with another woman that is not his wife,walking around naked like this.Maybe it's me but i cant imagine myself come out in birth suit this way in front of someone who is obviosly a stranger
Bro... If you digest what you typed well enough, you'll further discover that the lady COULDN'T HAVE BEEN A STRANGER. it must have been a regular partner... For him to have built so much trust as to let his guard down like that. Reason am na.

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Biggest hypocrite in this streets is this Sarki Waspapping guy Allah. See him defending Uba Sani faa, talmbout how we can't jump into conclusions cause the video doesn't show him having sex 🤡🤡🤡....

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Uba Sani got what he deserves, though i only pity his family and close associates. Regardless It’s never a good thing exposing someone’s birthday suit. The girl should have think it over before doing so, since it consensual what we all thought they did. 🤷‍♂️

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If all these people that are defending Uba Sani would keep the same energy if it was a woman, then I wouldn't have any issue with that. But if the reverse had been the case we will be seeing all sort of slut shaming. F*cking double standards. He should be ashamed of himself

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Seriously the girl that leaked uba Sani's naked video is very very useless and stupid of course she did that with purpose at least her aim is to destroy his political career I guess she was paid for that and by the way that's his personal life we have no business with it..

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The level at which northerners in the name of religious ethics defend their leaders ehn!

Someone shared an unclad video allegedly showing Uba Sani, Senator representing Kaduna Central.

Rather than condemn the act, they are claiming this is his private life but their vote is not

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