February 16, 2020

Nigerian Lady Sues Neighbour’s Dog For Raping Her Dog.

Evelyn Umeh, a personal blogger has expressed her displeasure on how her dog was raped by her neighbour’s dog and has taken the dog and its owner to court.
In her post on Facebook, she wrote;
” I sued my neighbour’s dog for raping my dog!
So my dog got pregnant under my roof without our knowledge until the day she put to bed.
I have served my neighbour the papers and must comply accordingly.
It happened that my dog, Lexie put to bed surprisingly to us without knowing she was pregnant all this while. Her puppies are 15 days old and we have now confirmed the father of her puppies, My Neighbor! Lol, I’m not even smiling, again, I’ve sued them and served them the papers. They must comply accordingly “