March 17, 2020

I tested negative to coronavirus after Pastor Ibiyeomie prayed for me on contacting the Italian man – Man says, Daddy Freeze reacts

Daddy Freeze has reacted after a man shared a testimony saying he got healed after Pastor David Ibiyeomie prayed for him when he came in contact with the Italian man who brought coronavirus to Nigeria. Watch the video of the man sharing his testimony below. Daddy Freeze reacted saying: “Only in Africa can people believe that religion, a more potent and lethal virus than Corona, can be used to destroy Coronavirus. Saying religion can destroy Coronavirus is the equivalent of saying contracting HIV will cure syphilis. Which virus is worse, religion or Covid19? Religion and poverty go hand in hand. According to statistics, the more religious a nation; the poorer that nation. Hunger, resulting from poverty kills more people daily than Covid19 has globally. I’m amazed that anyone can make religion a hero in this equation. And don’t even start with the ‘Christianity is not a religion’ BS. In my opinion, as guided by the scriptures, Christianity practised in most parts of Nigeria is a full-fledged religion that bears no semblance to what Christ taught! ~FRZ”