March 13, 2020

Young man electrocuted while charging his phone with leaked USB cord

A Young man has been electrocuted while charging his mobile phone with a leaked USB cord. News of the incident which happened in Port Harcourt was shared on Facebook by a neighbour of the deceased who advised against placing a charging mobile phone on one’s body. 
The friend wrote:
“Death why
I just came back from work this afternoon meet the dead body of my yard boy been shock by electric on the process of charging his phone at nkpogu port Harcourt...
Pls, avoid putting the phone on your body when charging and sleep. Rip Barisuka”.He added that “the black wounded spot on his hand is the place where the electric current tear. “I can’t stop crying, it so ridiculously and unbelievable that you were electrocuted by leakage USB cable when charging your phone, it seems to me that its manipulation. But it real that you were shocked by your USB charger. RIP My brother my talking mate”.