April 13, 2020

Lockdown: Couple Hold Online Wedding Ceremony Attended By Family Members In Different Parts Of The World (Photo)

A couple has decided to hold their wedding ceremony online after being affected by the lockdown order. Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, a couple decided to have an online wedding to give their family members the opportunity to ''attend'' their wedding. Twitter user @KiyaniBba, who is the younger sister of the groom, shared the story online.
She wrote: ''Today was my big bro's wedding. Because of the virus, only the bride, groom and their witnesses were allowed in the room. As the official CTO of my family, I suggested that we set up a Zoom so that our relatives and friends could join us. I present you the first Zoom Wedding.
"We had more than 45 people from France, CIV, Netherlands, SA, Calgary, etc. I muted everyone during the ceremony and recorded everything using zoom. People cried during the vows, in the end, I unmuted them and all at the same time they applauded and congratulated the newlyweds''
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