May 23, 2021

This country won’t stay together under this present constitution, Buhari’s actions encourage secessionists – Afenifere

Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere, has said the ''failure'' of Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari to restructure the country is fuelling agitations of secession by groups within the country. Afenifere leader, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, 93, alleged Buhari's stubbornness to implement federalism will only make secession inevitable while also saying Buhari was hiding in the 'Fulanization' of Nigeria. The Yoruba chieftain also said the 2023 election will not happen in Nigeria if the current state of insecurity is not handled while claiming the country's leadership has no clue on how to handle the security crisis in the country.
"The people in charge have no clue to manage the country. And as long as you are not carrying every section of the country along with you, you can’t win any battle against any enemy. You can’t carry every section of the country with this discriminatory policy of the government.""The government of the country is in favor of a particular region, a particular state, and a particular religion. People are saying that there is going to be war, but if the North believes now that the way they fought Biafra is the way they will get support for any war, they are joking." Chief Adebanjo told Sunnewsonline. " They can’t carry the Middle Belt with them, they won’t carry the Yoruba people with them and they won’t carry the South-South with them, because they are oppressing all these people now.""They think they have the army, but they should know that army can only succeed when the people support them.''' What is happening now in the country is people revolution; the government is no longer in control of the people. I pray it would not be too late for them before they realize this. The only thing that can save the country is to restructure it to federalism, where every region is autonomous."
"Autonomy means that they are complementary to the federal government and not subordinate. The moment you do that you silence Nnamdi Kanu, you silence Igboho and other agitators for Oduduwa; all they want is self-determination. Self-determination implies restructuring; it will even solve the question of corruption. You are just beating about the bush by saying that restructuring is not your problem, but the more you delay it the more trouble you get for yourself.""Buhari doesn’t want to restructure because he wants to rule the people by force and what they are selling to the people is to silence them from giving them the type of constitution they require." He continued."The moment you delay that you are giving impetus for secession. He has made ridicule people like me and others who believe in one Nigeria and are talking of restructuring. Those of us who are talking of restructuring are the peacemakers, and who want a change by peace. A slogan says that ‘those who make peaceful changes impossible make violent change inevitable.""He is giving impetus to the Nnamdi Kanu, the Igbohos, and others to come out because what they are clamoring for is what will solve their problems. They believe that those of us talking about restructuring are too slow and too pedestrian and they wouldn’t listen and so are deciding to go the whole hog."" It is unfortunate that Buhari doesn’t know this and the damage he has done to Nigeria for not restructuring the country and very soon, the country may scatter.""This country won’t stay together under this present constitution, it is obvious and it is not a long story; you don’t need to gaze at a crystal ball to know it. One of the APC senators, Adeyeye, recently said that the problem of this country is this constitution.""It is obvious; all the problems we have been shouting about were created by this constitution, which was imposed on us by a section of the country, which militates against the interest of the South and the Middle Belt; everything we are talking about is that it is against the progress and interest of the South and the Middle Belt, and that is why the agitations are coming from those areas."" Except we want to deceive ourselves we don’t need a crystal ball to know where those problems are, and those who love the country are those who are speaking the truth. Chief Adebanjo continued: "I hope it will not be too late for Buhari to realize that he is the greatest threat to keeping the country together."Many of us are no more popular in the West again for sticking on restructuring; people no more want that. A delegation came to me today to tell me that I was ‘wasting time’ talking about restructuring that they want to go the whole hog and break the thing and let everybody go. Those of us who have invested in one Nigeria, are telling them, let’s be patient.""You want to run a country where you say a section of the country cannot be president and you say you want to keep the people together and the people say since you don’t want me, let me go and you say no. You beat somebody and you say he shouldn’t cry?""When we say go back to federalism and the constitution at Independence, we are not talking of the three or the four regions we had then. We are saying the content of that constitution should be reflected in whatever constitution we are going to have. They know the truth; but if they didn’t know, what about the 2014 Confab report? You said you put it in the archive.""You just prefer your own, which you forced on us. We say we want to restructure, you say no; we say 2014 confab, you say no. Your party agreed on restructuring; even under this government.""The party set up the El-Rufai Committee on restructuring, you say no and you haven’t presented your own alternative. This means it is this constitution we are objecting to that you want to force on us. You shouted on top of it all by saying go to the National Assembly for amendment. The NASS is a product of this constitution. We are no fools and that shows that you have a private agenda. If you didn’t, why are you quarreling with all that the people say they want? You say you are a born-again democrat, but you are doing everything that is undemocratic. It is unfortunate that the country can’t see the writing on the wall. The man is stubbornly pursuing a private agenda to Fulanise this country."" Fulani from abroad are everywhere in this country; how did they enter into the country? You are in charge of security; all the immigration officers, Customs, DSS, etc are your own people."Alleging that the Buhari government has encouraged 'fulanization' of Nigeria he added;
"You mean, you cannot see? When they come in lorry loads and at the borders, they issue them visas and they come in and start killing the non-Fulani in their areas. They are bringing in foreign Fulani to replace those they are killing. Can’t you see that, am I telling you a story?"
" These people are coming in lorry loads; they don’t come with their wives and children, but only with their arms to kill people and take over their lands.""Yoruba are not the ones doing this; Igbo are not the ones doing this and you asked if it is possible to Fulanise this country? That is the pattern all over the place where the Fulani are causing trouble.""As is done in some countries that have this similar situation like Nigeria, their president usually makes a state of the nation address. Why do you think we are not seeing that?""That is what I’m saying, when we are crying about the way things are going in this country, our leader shouldn’t keep quiet. But has the president come out to tell you: No, your fears are not founded; this is what I’m going to do to? As a leader, you don’t keep quiet, but he has kept quiet, and maybe saying, ‘keep crying over the constitution I have imposed on you while some people are fooling themselves over whose turn it is and whose turn it is not.’You rig the election and go to the court that will give you victory. The more he fails to restructure, the more he consolidates his dictatorship. We are not under any democracy now; Buhari is a civilian dictatorship because he has all the arms in his care, but he has forgotten that God of justice is there. He believes that nobody can dare him; the Yoruba can’t talk, the Igbo can’t talk, but he has forgotten that if God wants to fight for us, there is a way He will do it, and that is where we stand."I have said that the 2023 election cannot happen in the face of the present circumstances, and events have proved me right. Can any politician mount campaigns in this glaring insecurity?"Why do I say we must restructure before the election because there will be chaos; there will be anarchy. Those who are benefiting from this obnoxious constitution will not accept, and that is why those of us who are clamoring for restructuring is for peace to reign. If we don’t do it, there will be no Nigeria. We are warning; we are telling you what to do to avoid it, but you refuse." It means you are not serious, you don’t want a solution, but you want chaos. Well, I’m 93. I can go anytime, and it is you people who are going to suffer. By the time the suffering comes, I’m already in my grave."The moment he delays restructuring, he is helping those who want to secede and break away.
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