May 23, 2021

Woman calls off wedding plans with abroad-based fiancé over his family's demands


Woman calls off engagement with abroad-based fiancé over his family's interference. A debate has ensued on Twitter and even on the radio after a woman called off her engagement because her fiancé's family was making certain demands. The story was shared on Twitter by someone claiming to know the bride. She explained that the fiancé, who lives abroad, was planning to return to Nigeria for them to have their introduction ceremony. Ahead of his return, the fiancé's sister, who is a medical doctor, asked her brother's wife-to-be to come to her hospital and run some tests so they can be sure she's clean. The tests all came back clean. Yet, the family was still not satisfied and the bride-to-be was told by her in-laws that they will like to place her on antibiotics to prepare her body for their brother's return. The bride refused. Her family also advised her against taking any drugs. However, the fiancé insisted he will not return for the introduction ceremony if his bride-to-be doesn't take the drugs as his family says. As a result, the woman called off the engagement. The story was shared on Twitter two weeks ago but it caught attention today after Cool FM OAP, Mannie Essien reached out to the lady to discuss the issue on his morning show today, April 23. A number of people have shared their opinion on the matter and the debate is still on. Read the tweets below.

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