February 12, 2022

George Goldie is the brain behind the creation of Nigeria

George Goldie is the brain behind the creation of the place Nigeria. He was present at the 1884-1885 Berlin Conference meetings where white Europeans not only redrew the map of Africa but gave Africans a new identity.
The Role of George in the creation of the country called Nigeria is similar to Cecil Rhodes of Rhodesia now called Zimbabwe. In fact, they were going to name Nigeria Goldiesia. George Goldie transferred the ownership of our ancestral lands our territory(your people, your land were seen as a commodity) to the British Government for the sum of £850,000(£110 million in today's money)in 1900; the area transferred was formed into Southern and Northern Protectorate. In 1914, Goldie's dream became reality when both Protectorates were stitched together to form what would later be known as Nigeria. Lord Lugard an Ordinary British mercenary made this Dream a reality, his Girlfriend, Flora Shaw later coined the name "Nigeria". What British colonialists ended up doing is stitching together a place made of diverse people, language and cultures. Since then these nations within the fake country called
Nigeria has, been battling and killing each other for peace that continues to elude them. Criminals created the state formerly known as Nigeria, stop insulting God by praying to him for it, he had no hand in it. May Nigeria never happen to us again.
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