February 09, 2022

The Beast Called The HYENA

Fellow omo kaaro ojiire, please lend me your ears. If you are truly and genuinely omo Yoruba tokantokan, I beseech you to go into a deep, sober reflection on matters affecting the Yoruba. The following sentence is only for those who can read between the lines: "The Yoruba is facing an imminent existential threat having being wedged in between the devil and the deep blue sea". While the devil (the hyena, in this case) does not hide his evil intentions, the sea uses subtilty to deceive us into believing that it is not deep enough to drown us whereas it is.
What we are facing has nothing to do with politics and religion so the earlier we jettisoned political and religious affiliations with non-Yorubas the better for us. Have you ever watched a duel between hyena, the scavenger, and a lion, leopard, or cheetah? The hyena will watch those cats struggle alone to kill prey. When the meal is ready, the hyena will pounce on the meal and begin to drag it with the rightful owner. More worrisome is the fact that rather than being content to share in the eating, she will want to take over the whole from the owner. At that stage, the hyena would rather make a meal of the cat than give up the meal in contention and if the cat has no backup team, she'll be up for grabs for the hyena and his troupe.
Do you get the gist?
When the hyena decides to strike, it does not recognize the color of your skin or whether your paw carries spots or stripes. In other words, all non-hyenas, regardless of political and religious inclinations, become a meal for dinner. A word, they say, is enough for the wise.
Kereo YorubaKoya
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