September 27, 2023

“He instructed boys to beat me up” Old tweets of Mohbad emerge after Naira Marley claims he never assaulted him

Old tweets from the late Mohbad have resurfaced, casting doubt on Naira Marley’s recent claims that he had no involvement in Mohbad’s assault. These tweets provide a contrast to Naira Marley’s recent statement where he exonerates himself from any assault on the late Mohbad. Almost a year before his untimely demise, Mohbad took to Twitter to voice his grievances, stating that he had been subjected to physical assault by the Marlian Records team, with Naira Marley allegedly orchestrating the attack. According to Mohbad’s tweets, he had expressed a desire to leave the record label and sought a new manager. However, his attempt to discuss this with the Marlian Records team took a violent turn when he claimed they physically assaulted him. Shockingly, he stated that Naira Marley was not only present during the incident but had also instigated some individuals to participate in the assault. These revelations directly contradict Naira Marley’s recent claims that he had never assaulted Mohbad and had no involvement in the tragic events leading up to Mohbad’s passing.
Below is the full statement;
“ Mohbad Imole @iammohbad_ • 06/10/2022
The events of the last two days have left indelible scars in my heart.
I have always just wanted to create good music and to provide for my family and myself through my music. As an Artiste from the street, I thought the Malian Family would be a good place for me. However, recent events and certain truths have come to light which thi i ten my peace, health and career. Because of these issues, I informed Naira Marley on the Marlin WhatsApp group chat of my intention to change my manager. This didn’t go down well with my current Manager Tunde (His Brother). There were instant angry outbursts and protests from him in the chat.
I went to Naira Marley’s house with my Producer and my friend on the 4th of October, 2022, to have this conversation and reach a peaceful-resolution. We were in the studio, and Some of the guys who work with Naira Sid, Shuddy, Seyi and others- were present, as well as Naira and Tunde. I noticed Tunde was quite agitated as we started the discussion. In the middle of the conversation, Tunde became violent and attacked me. The guys I was with were also att ked, h. miliated and str sped n: ‹ed by Sid, Shuddy and Seyi and some of the other boys. We were barely able to escape. 3 of us had to be checked into the hospital to get medical care for the inj, ries sustained during the a: jault. Naira Marley was fully present throughout this event, and in fact, coordinated some of the att ick as he instructed the boys to b at us up. Some of this was captured on video. It is therefore disrespectful for Naira Marley to insinuate that I started the att ck because I was…
I have decided to speak no further on this, however, and will let this matter be handled going forward by my representatives. I will focus on getting back my full strength and sound health so that I can continue to tell my story through my music.”
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