September 25, 2023

Mohbad’s Alleged Persecutors, Sam Larry, Naira Marley Have Links To Nigerian Government, Took Photos With Sanwo-Olu, Tinubu – Youth Rights Campaign

According to the group, many Nigerians have fallen victim to death, kidnapping, and assault under avoidable circumstances. The Youth Rights Campaign (YRC) has said that the death of the fast-rising musician, Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad was a clear indication of another failure of the Nigerian government to its youths as his death was avoidable. The YRC in a statement issued and signed by its National Coordinator, Adaramoye Michael Lenin, and the National Secretary, Francis Nwapa, on Thursday said that Mohbad’s death was a product of a mafia profit-spinning music industry and negligence of the state especially the police institution “which once again failed to protect the life of a vulnerable person.”
According to the group, many Nigerians have fallen victim to death, kidnapping, and assault under avoidable circumstances. “For instance, it is on record that the late artiste wrote a petition to the police department to intimate them about the threat to his life by Sam Larry, Naira Marley, and many other individuals in the Marlian record label.”The group noted that nothing practical was done by the Nigerian police, “Even when news of his assault went viral, the police had their arms folded and watched like humble spectators of a duel. We condemn this criminal nonchalant attitude.” The YRC said that many Nigerians have notably faced similar situations at the hands of the police, “something which also shows the failure of the Nigerian state. “While we wait for the outcome of police investigations, it is incontrovertible that the bullying by the Marlian record label nearly pushed Mohbad over the edge on several occasions and cannot be ignored in how he died even if it is found that his death is a product of a different cause.
“Mohbad’s short life was a tragic tale of talent, fame, drug, violence, and depression.
“Nigeria’s music industry may be a multi-million dollar empire that has produced several successful talents but in many ways, it operates in the same mafia-like manner the entire Nigerian society operates wherein the big fish swallows the small ones.
“Mohbad’s experience at the hands of his bullies plays out in every aspect of Nigerian society whether business, politics, education, and even religious institutions but the stories of countless victims are unknown apparently because they are not celebrities.
“So in every sense, Mohbad’s experience actually mirrors the life of millions of struggling Nigerian youth in a brutal capitalist society under which life is brutish and short.” The statement further noted that “There are allegations that the Marlian record label is a drug cartel. But even if this is not true, it is incontrovertible that the record label boss promotes drug use and violence, hence his arrest by the NDLEA a few years ago. “It is also not a coincidence that Mohbad’s persecutors and bullies have links to the Nigerian state going by videos and pictures on social media which show Sam Larry and Naira Marley in the company of the Lagos State governor, Sanwo-Olu and even President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
“Despite its liberal appurtenances, in the final analysis, the Nigerian capitalist state is nothing but a criminal enterprise. “Due to the appalling state of the economy as a result of years of capitalist neo-liberal policies, something which has created poverty, unemployment and given rise to criminals perpetrating various atrocities and recruiting innocent youth into criminal organizations. We find it shocking that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) reportedly chose Naira Marley to be its ambassador despite serious suspicion of drug dealing roving around him. “A diligent and transparent investigation is needed to unravel the immediate and remote circumstances surrounding the death of Mohbad. We do not share any optimism that the police institution, which kept criminal silence in the face of all the reports of attacks on Mohbad before his death, is capable of giving justice. “An investigative panel comprising youth organizations, civil society organizations, NBA, NMA, and other progressive platforms along with the Police should be constituted to look into all the issues before and after his death.
“The Youth Rights Campaign (YRC) supports the protest actions that have taken place in Lagos, Ogun, and Ekiti states, we call for more protest actions to press home demand for justice. “We also use this opportunity to call for an end to the menace of cultism which has eaten deep into the fabric of our society, the entertainment industry greatly suffers from this. Many have fallen victim to bullying, assault, and killings which are characteristic of cultism. “We urge the youth to join radical organizations like the YRC and begin to fight for a safe and secure society that also ensures respect for democratic and individual rights as well as social justice. We must also fight for a society which uses its human and material resources to guarantee quality education, functional health care, decent jobs, and housing for the vast majority.”
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