August 11, 2023

AY Makun’s Almajiri is explosive!

Over the weekend, Ay Makun’s Almajiri premiered in the Cinemas.It tells the story of the Almajiri system, which subjects children to abject poverty. The untold side of the Almajiri’s story where living on the streets makes them prey to rape and trafficking. From what we gathered, ALMAJIRI is a movie that is based on true stories as it affects millions of children in Nigeria who are victims of trafficking and other forms of child slavery. Almajiri is directed by Toka McBaror and co-produced by Darlington Abudu.
Almajiri Nafisat and Salihu
Almajiri is about Nafisat and Salihu, two young children who were separated from their parents from childhood by the cruel business of Alhaji Makarfi. The gullible villagers believe in Alhaji Makarfi, love him and even revere him higher than the chiefs in the North. He is showered with gifts and praise; some villagers even go the extra mile to sell their valuables to offer him bribes just to get their wards enlisted for his scholarship scheme, unknown to them that none of their children ever gets to see the wall of a school let alone have the liberty of pursuing a trade. They are beaten, brainwashed and forced to become prostitutes, suicide bombers and beggars (ALMAJIRIS). These kids are made to experience horror.
Almajiris is star-studded
Just like other of AY’s movies, Almajiris is star-studded: Rahama Sadau, Alexx Ekubo, Segun Arinze, Ayo Makun, who is also the Executive Producer, Annie Idibia, Bolanle Ninalowo, Asabe Madaki, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Jide Kosoko, Adam ‘Baba Ado’ Zango, Ali Nuhu, Saeed ‘Funky Mallam’ Mohammed, Rosemary Afuwape, Segun ‘Lafup’ Ogundipe, Lawrence ‘Seyi Law’ Aletile, and more made up the rest of the “Almajiri” cast. 
Although the movie is predominantly in Hausa Language, it was well translated to the understanding of all viewers. The young actors did so well and was one of the reasons one would want to stay glued to the screen to follow up with the movie. Obviously, a lot of effort was put into the making of Almajiris. Everything looks so real, well, except the last fight scene, which was so unreal that a blind man would detect the fake gunshots and fire. (It’s pardonable, though). The storyline is another plus for Almajiris. It’s the first of its kind. It’s also emotional that you would be moved to tears seeing what these children we often neglect on the road and streets are put through by their ‘Masters’. The acting was topnotch as expected; Alexx Ekubo, Segun Arinze, and Seyi Law were all outstanding in their role delivery. AY is making quite a little improvement with his acting skills; he still has a long way to go. The costumes and setting are applaudable. We love it! Picture quality kudos!
Another issue we have with Almajiris is some scenes are not correlating and leave different questions unanswered. One is, what’s the role of Bolanle Ninalowo all about? The movie dragged on for too long before arriving at the interesting parts. Overall, Almajiris is a good movie. Worth international awards. It’s mind-blowing and expository. Well done, AY! It’s 8/10.
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