August 08, 2023

coup vs domcracy

Russian President Putin himself does not want to be overthrown by Wagner. Yet, he is supporting the Niger military junta to overthrow President Mohamed Bazoum, and some Africans are hailing it as an anti-imperialist victory? Why was Wagner's attempt to overthrow Putin bad, while the Niger junta's action is good? Same scenario, with different reactions. Because our people don't think!
Did you not see how Putin and Russia panicked when Wagner's forces were just 200 miles from Moscow? If a coup is so good, why did they not permit it in Russia? Is the President of Niger more corrupt than Putin? Has he made his political opponents disappear like Putin? Is Russia's economy thriving and growing at a faster pace than Niger's? If there is an argument to support a coup in the Niger Republic, the argument is stronger and more robust for supporting a coup in Russia. And the news trickling in that Niger Republic has invited Russian mercenary Wagner forces into their country shows that the junta which seized power there lacks the executive capacity, mental ability and strategic long-term vision to lead their country. They are just reacting. They do not seem to have any proactive cogent plans beyond seizing power. How can you invite a group that even their own home country, Russia, expelled; because of their capacity to destabilize Russia, which almost led to the military overthrow of Putin? If they can destabilize Russia, what about Niger? These guys should think long, deep, and hard about what they are doing. Go to the Central African Republic and see the damage Wagner has done there. Wagner forces have no respect for either the government or the people of the CAR.
Whatever the people approve is democracy and what they do not approve is not democracy. If ECOWAS are fighting the choice of the people of Niger which is military leadership (at this time), then they are fighting against democracy!
The coup in Niger is more democratic if you ask me. It is indeed the people's choice, as you can clearly see. The people support it. They are happy. They prefer it to the defunct damaged democracy. Africa's unity isn't in the best interest of the greed of the West. The situation in the Niger Republic is purely internal. The charter of the UN, AU, and ECOWAS forbids intervention in the internal affairs of sovereign states. Besides, the coup is popular following the approval of Niger's citizens. What's the problem with ECOWAS?
In Russia people want Putin, beside me if any African country is as good as Russia there will be no coup, coup just doesn’t happen without people's support... because Russians want Putin but Nigerians don't want Bazoum..Political class people will want to make you believe what we have in Africa is democracy. Is democracy not meant to be the government of the people by the people for the people? There was a coup and the people, the masses, are rejoicing. Says a lot about your so-called democracy.
Same thing I have been telling myself here Putin is even more corrupt than Bazhoum he is the richest man in the world in a country far more resourceful than any Western nation but Russia is lacking behind. The military can't even fight by themselves nothing is empty
To stage a coup, there has to be frustration in society. In the military, we find coups easier when there is frustration in society, most especially when elections are rigged and the government lacks legitimacy. Our Judiciary does not endorse illegitimacy.
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